July 10, 2010

Verdict? How has this World Cup Been?

Firstly, do you guys think I post much?

Secondly, how has this world cup been in your eyes?

Points to consider:

1). Jabulani...why does fifa, partnering with adidas, deem it necessary to switch the ball for every world cup. (http://www.goal.com/en/news/3194/video/2010/07/05/2010309/goalcom-video-special-is-the-jabulani-the-worst-world-cup)

2). Vuvuzela. Did this distract the players' onfield communication (e.g. Demichelis's error against South Korea)? Should Fifa have banned it? But this is like taking away part of the experience for the local fans.

3). Long shots which went wayyyy over the crossbar. Is this the ball's fault? Or Ronaldo's? No, seriously, everyone did it and....well.

4). Records were/could be broken for a lot of teams (first European team winning outside the continent - Holland winning/Spain reaching semifinals/Villa becoming his nation's all-time leading scorer/Paul the Octopus/guy betting 500,000 euros on germany beating spain...I'm sure there's more, I just can't think of much now)

5). Attendance in the stadiums.

6). FiFa's organization of security/matches/locations.

7). GOALS!!!!!!!!!!! Quantity and Quality.

8). Drama (Uruguay-Ghana/Netherlands-Brazil)

9). And finally.....your own opinion?

10? Refereeing quality.

guys, please at least write one line...say hi...i feel like a lot of this forum has been me, zamundinho, and occasionally que golazo chipping in...
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1 comments: on "Verdict? How has this World Cup Been?"

Que Golazo said...

Why don't you answer some of your own questions, mate?

All I can say is save the date: August 14. Looking forward to getting back into the regular season, where less attention is paid to such things as sea monsters, trumpets, strumpets, and other secondary issues. Are we gonna keep this going into the fall season? If so, I'm in for the occasional "chip in" (I guess that includes all the liveblogging I did and the posts I made, as well as the other people who contributed, thanks to you all regardless of what FORZA is talking about, I'm sure I spent more time on this site than he did). Anyway, it was all fun and we should just keep building from here.

The Golden Golazo goes to Giovanni Van Bronckhorst for a smashing contribution from 35 yards out - showing that you can hit the ball with force and not end up in the mezzanine. Regarding Ronaldo, I think it's clear cut case of celebrity surpassing merit - in both major tournaments this year (Champions League/World Cup), Ronaldo has failed to impress and has proven himself much less worthy than an efficient team player like Messi, Forlan, or Robben. Until he actually wins something for his team, I think we should stop paying him so much attention. He seems happier being a model anyway.

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